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XRDC allows sponsors to showcase products and services to leaders in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Meet VR/AR/MR creators from games, entertainment, education, enterprise training, healthcare, and automotive looking for technologies and partners to drive innovation forward. View opportunities to sponsor and talk to XRDC Sales Team to customize a program that aligns with your business objectives.

2019 Sponsors

In Cleverlance we create new digital dimensions for large telecom houses, strong banks and other important companies in the Czech Republic and abroad. This includes enterprise solutions as well as mobile applications, chatbots, applications for virtual or augmented reality or robotics. #wecreateIT


DeepMotion : A Motion Intelligence Company
Imagine a world where the intelligence of organic movement — the intricacies, flexibility, and beauty of motor control of humans — was a resource available to create an AI mastermind for interactive motion for characters and machines. At DeepMotion, we're building a unified motion intelligence pipeline that generates physically real synthetic data and AI models to make this a reality.


DigiLens is a leader in holographic waveguides used for augmented reality displays. The company has developed a patented optical platform and photopolymer technology that delivers best-in-class solutions using a unique, low cost contact-copy manufacturing process. DigiLens enables OEM partners to design and build AR-enabled devices for the global automobile, enterprise, consumer, avionics and military industries.


Premium.Domains is a division of Donuts Inc. which holds the world's largest new top-level domain portfolio for innovators in the entertainment, healthcare and technology industries, including .games, .care, .video, .live, .network, and hundreds of others. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Donuts was named Number 1 in the Deloitte Fast 500 in 2017 and one of the Red Herring 100 in 2018.

Donuts Inc.

For 20 years, Elara has created deeply immersive experiences for training, education, marketing and sales, for the world's largest companies. Elara specializes in developing strategic digital content for the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. With extensive expertise in virtual reality, 3D animation, and interactive solutions, we create spectacular visual communication using emergent technologies.

Elara Systems

Finch Technologies creates spatial tracking devices for natural freedom of movement in augmented and virtual worlds. We thoughtfully approach our solutions with an emphasis on user experience, making interactions seamless and invisible. Our next generation algorithms allow users to take control of their experience and pushes the boundaries of immersion.

Finch Technologies

GoMotion.AI is the world's first full body motion capture system that fits in your pocket! And it's affordable too! A set of tiny 100% wireless sensors stream in real time. Whether you're a gamer, animator, VR developer, designer or trainer, you'll have full-featured accurate mocap at your fingertips. Export to Maya, Blender, 3DMax, MotionBuilder, etc.


IO Industries Inc. designs cutting-edge digital video equipment. Since 1991 we have focused on providing our customers with high performance and high quality solutions for all types of digital video applications. Product lines include our family of Victorem and Flare cameras as well as our digital video recorders DVR Core Express.

IO Industries

Codice Software is behind Plastic SCM: the best Distributed Version Control System supporting task-driven development for teams of any size simplifying branching and merging, artists' workflow & GUI. Plastic SCM supports large binary assets and integrates with Unity3D & UE. 300+ game studios and VR/AR/MR/3D companies use it WW.

Plastic SCM

VIVEPORT is a global VR platform and store offering users engaging experiences in more than 60 countries, and developers a brand agnostic platform. With nearly 1,800 apps and games, VIVEPORT delivers content for a range of virtual reality headsets including PC, standalone, and mobile devices. VIVEPORT Infinity launched as the world's first unlimited VR subscription service and gives VR owners a way to discover hundreds of diverse entertainment offerings. For more on VIVEPORT, please visit: www.viveport.com.


The XR Association (XRA) is the trade association representing the technology manufacturers that power the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality industries. Dedicated to the responsible development and thoughtful advancement of XR technologies across the globe, the XRA is a resource for industry, consumers, and policymakers interested in virtual and augmented reality.

XR Association