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Have or need a great tool, service, product, or platform that enables developers to create innovative augmented, virtual or mixed reality experiences? The Partners Track, aims to provide session content that enables companies to communicate the value of their tool or service and educate developers on how to use the latest technology.

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Past Event Session Highlights

Worlds Unlocked: Designing for Accessibility in VR (Presented by Oculus)
Matthew Dickman (Oculus)

Designing for accessibility is a fundamental consideration when planning a new hardware or software product. A long time leader in this design practice, Facebook has supported Oculus in the continued effort to improve current products, plan for new ones, and challenge the industry at large to think differently. VR provides a new opportunity to bring immersive experiences to those with accessibility limitations in sight, hearing, mobility, and cognition. There is still a lot to explore when considering this new medium. In this talk we will be sharing some product examples, best practices, and improvement opportunities with future products.

VR and AR Monetization Done Right: the Time Is Now! (Presented by Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd)
Ben Fenster (Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd)

Advertising is the backbone of every global media and the time has come for VR/AR. How can developers take advantage of it? Is it possible to monetize and build a sustainable business model in virtual environments?

The new immersive-first advertising platform Anzu has the answer, unlocking a limitless amount of ad opportunities within 3D apps. With Anzu, for the first time ads can be part of the actual gameplay without disrupting the user experience. Come to learn what new monetization opportunities the platform can offer and how to make ads an integral part of 3D apps!

Creating Presence in VR: The Importance of Haptics (Presented by Immersion)
Matt Tullis (Immersion)

Touch is a critical VR component. And as demand for immersive VR gaming experiences becomes mainstream, developers will need to learn how to design advanced haptic experiences to match the quality of the visuals and audio in today's gaming platforms. Previously relegated to coding, haptics for gaming has entered the design space. With new tools, game designers can create more complex and dynamic haptic feedback for VR gaming platforms. In this session, Matt Tullis will present important concepts to keep in mind as developers come up-to-speed with using touch to create immersive experiences.

The Autodidactic Islands: Companies With No Customers, Products, or Employees (Presented by Autodidactic I)
William Mok (Autodidactic I)

Imagine a fully self-sustaining company with no customers, products, or employees, an autonomous company growing year after year with no work by any human being. It doesn't need to sell anything to anyone. It neither takes nor gives to society. It simply exists, its members benefiting from a perpetual revenue stream with no human input. It is an Island, an off-the-grid company, dependent on nothing and beholden to no one.

Such a company already exists. It is a place where revenue is automated by AI and the humans focus solely on creative endeavors. It is a concept called the "Autodidactic Islands."

Think Before You Sign: NDA Crash Course for Independent Developers (Presented by The Paynter Law FIRM PLLC)
Stuart Paynter (The Paynter Law FIRM PLLC)

Attorney Stuart Paynter will present a crash course on Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Topics to be covered include the reasons for using an NDA, one-way vs. two-way NDAs, and dangers and pitfalls to look for when signing NDAs.

Creating A World Scale AR Experience Using Geospatial Data (Presented by Mapbox)
Siyu Song (Mapbox)

Augmented Reality in mobile is here in a big way! However, in order to go beyond the room sized applications, AR needs context of the world beyond the immediate view of the device. The use of location data will enable AR experiences that finally allow users to explore the entire world in AR.

How to Use Distributed Computing to Reach a Fast Time to Market (Presented by IncrediBuild)
Dori Exterman (IncrediBuild)

VR development is complex and time-consuming. An early time to market can make the difference between a hit product and a redundant one. Utilizing idle network resources, distributing your builds across multiple cores, network distribution, and cloud resources, you can greatly accelerate build time – literally turning hours into minutes. Discover how distributed computing on the machines you already own in your network can accelerate VR development by 90%.

3DHaptics : the realistic touch sensory technology in mid-air for VR/AR (Presented by Miraisens, Inc.)
Natsuo Koda (Miraisens, Inc.)

In VR and AR, the lack of touch sensation becomes the big problem to realize truly realistic world. But, with conventional haptics technology based on vibration, you feel just the vibration, not the touch feeling. This session will show the history of conventional haptics technology, discuss the 3DHaptics technology which realize the realistic touch sensation in the mid-air using specially designed vibration pattern, and study the latest technology trend of the vibration actuator as typified by WLA or VCM which have the wide-rage frequency characteristic.

Empowering VR Developers: VIVEPORT at Year One and Beyond (Presented by Viveport)
Rikard Steiber (HTC VIVE)

Join Rikard Steiber to hear the latest news, updates and brand new revenue opportunities from VIVEPORT. At the one-year anniversary of the global launch of VIVEPORT, we review our learnings building a dedicated VR marketplace, the world's first VR subscription service and our VR arcade platform. We'll dive into how successful developers are leveraging it to grow and extend their content's reach, and earn more revenue.