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Enterprise Track

Modern automated factory floors enable nonstop production, where even the smallest inefficiency in layout or design can have an untold impact on timing and revenue. XR empowers manufacturers to address these risks by improving efficiency and streamlining all aspects of product creation and industrial operations. Talks in the Enterprise Track will explore these and more examples of how XR is being applied in innovative new ways to become more efficient, safe, and creative.

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Session Highlights

XR Development for Architecture
Christopher Morse (SHoP Architects)

XR visualizations are changing the way that architects design and present buildings. In this talk, SHoP Architects present a case study of a new tower in Brooklyn, and how they used a spectrum of XR platforms to engage designers and clients at different stages within the design process. From mobile AR, to Microsoft's Hololens, to VR, they will discuss advantages and opportunities of the different systems, as well as lessons learned along the way and workflows developed to help a small team effectively utilize new technologies.

Show Them the ROI: How AR is Transforming Decades Old Business Processes to Deliver Impressive Results
Scott Montgomerie (Co-Founder & CEO, Scope AR)

Most enterprises now know that AR is worth the investment, but do they know by how much? Hear first hand from Scott Montgomerie on the eye-opening ROI that global corporations are seeing from implementing AR.

Scott will provide use case examples of early Fortune 500 enterprise adopters of AR and present the ROI they are seeing. Examples will show how AR is positively impacting the bottom line, including how organizations such as Lockheed Martin has improved overall worker efficiency by 42% and reduced the time it takes to interpret work instructions by more than 95%, how Unilever has reduced equipment downtime by 50%, and how Prince Castle has achieved a 100% success rate of accurately diagnosing a problem and needed repair the first time. Scott will also discuss how AR can significantly enhance real-time knowledge transfer, and share specific steps for how attendees can implement AR within their organizations.

Building Virtual Reality for Public Safety
Jack Lewis (NIST)
Sarah Hughes (NIST)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is using virtual reality to improve public safety technologies. The team in the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Division is developing open source environments that enable industry and academia to rapidly prototype future user interfaces for first responders. This session will share lessons learned in developing these environments with the first responder community, trials and tribulations from 500+ demos, and highlight what worked well and what failed miserably. PSCR Open Innovation will discuss how these environments have been used to collaborate with the public as well. They will share insights from the several prize challenges that have tasked contestants with creating unique solutions, ranging from heads-up displays to haptic feedback devices, to assist public safety in conducting their tasks. In this session, NIST PSCR will highlight the challenge process, outcomes, and future ways to get involved.

Integrating Home Shopping and AR for True Mass Market Impact: Houzz Case Study
Sally Huang (Houzz)

Since Houzz launched its augmented reality tool, View in My Room 3D, more than two million people have used it when buying products in the Houzz app. People that have interacted with the feature are 11X more likely to make a purchase and spend 3X more time on the app. During this session, learn how Houzz built a powerful AR shopping feature for mass market impact. Houzz Head of Visual Technologies, Sally Huang, will also share what's next for true mass market applications in AR shopping.