See the future of location-based AR/VR entertainment at XRDC!

Location-based experiences are a great way to introduce newcomers to AR/VR, and at XRDC in San Francisco this October you’ll have the chance to check out some amazing experiences and learn from some of the best in the business.

XRDC organizers have confirmed this year’s event will feature a session on “The Future of Location-Based VR Has to Include Everyone”, in which VR luminaries Aaron Pulkka, Charlie Fink, Daisy Berns, and Anna Herbert will discuss some of the best VR experiences and how they’re designed to be enjoyed en masse, including spectators not as passive observers, but as active participants in the fun.

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Attend XRDC for an inside look at building compelling AR brand experiences!

Storytellers are doing some remarkable things with cutting-edge AR/VR tech, and at XRDC this October you’ll have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they pull it off!

Notably, Tactic founder and director Peter Oberdorfer is coming to XRDC to deliver a talk on “Branded Marker Based AR Experiences” in which he’ll show you how to tell effective stories in augmented reality, and how to gain real user retention with mobile applications.

Oberdorfer will illustrate his talk by walking you through the brand story and technical creation of Tactic’s Jack Daniel’s AR app, which allows users to take a tour of the distillery, hear stories about Jack Daniel, or learn about how Old No. 7 is made — with over 10 minutes of total content, told in short segments, right on the product.

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Come to XRDC for the inside scoop on how VR is enhancing worker safety

Heavy industries are putting AR and VR tech to intriguing uses, and at XRDC in San Francisco this October you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how these technologies are helping to improve workplace safety.

In a special XRDC presentation on “How Skanska Construction Used VR Training to Increase Worker Safety“, Unity’s Tim McDonough will show you how construction company Skanska uses VR training to put participants “at risk” in a simulated environment without endangering their lives, and how this leads to lasting behavioral change.

Expect to walk away with useful insights into how to design effective VR training sims, what goes into making VR experiences approachable and practical, and what role VR developers and innovators are playing in the evolution of today’s construction and heavy industries.

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Level up your VR game’s music with tips from Owlchemy at XRDC!

There’s no better place to learn about cutting-edge AR/VR design than XRDC in San Francisco this October, where innovators and creators will share what they’ve learned in a beautiful new waterfront venue.

Notably, Owlchemy Labs audio wizard Daniel Perry will be coming to the event to present “Bringing VR Experiences to Life with the Magic of Music”, a fun look at how designers and devs can leverage music in their VR projects without breaking immersion or progression flow.

Using examples from VR prototypes as well as games like Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and Vacation Simulator, Perry will break down various techniques you can apply to your current and future VR projects, including environment-based music, interactive musical elements, gaze-based music, instruments and more!

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See how XR is shaping the future of architecture at XRDC 2019

One of the most invigorating aspects of attending a cross-discipline professional conference like XRDC is seeing how creative visionaries in other industries are using the same tech you are to do incredible things in healthcare, media, journalism, and more.

For example, SHoP Architects’ Christopher Morse will be delivering a talk on “XR Development for Architecture” at XRDC this October that promises an inside look at how different AR and VR technologies are being integrated into architects’ design processes.

Morse will present a case study of a new tower in Brooklyn, and how they used a spectrum of XR platforms to engage designers and clients. From mobile AR, to Microsoft’s Hololens, to VR, he’ll discuss advantages and opportunities of the different systems, as well as lessons learned along the way and workflows developed to help a small team effectively utilize new tech.

You’ll have an opportunity to see this and many other insightful talks at the event, but heads up: the deadline to register for XRDC at a discount rate is today (June 5th) at 11:59 PM Pacific!

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PSA: Tomorrow’s your last day to save by registering early for XRDC!

Heads up: The deadline to register for XRDC at a discount rate is tomorrow, Wednesday June 5th, at 11:59 PM Pacific!

This is a great opportunity to save hundreds of dollars on your pass to XRDC, the premier industry event for AR/VR/MR developers and innovators. This year the event will serve up an invigorating array of speakers and exhibitors in a beautiful new waterfront venue: the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco.

The whole event is being revamped to be more interactive and engaging, and this year there’s an all-new XRDC pass for sale, the Startup Pass, which is nearly half the price of the regular pass and specifically designed to give smaller teams and trailblazing startups a clear path to success at XRDC!

So make sure to look over XRDC passes and prices and register before tomorrow’s deadline to get the best price on your ticket to the big event.

A number of exciting sessions have already been announced, including DeepMotion chief Kevin He’s intriguing Entertainment track talk on “Using AI to Create Interactive Digital Actors,”  in which he’ll discuss the challenges of (and science behind) building an interactive character authoring tool — as well as how companies can integrate intelligent character simulation into their own games and experiences.

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Innovators, apply now for affordable access to XRDC via the new Startup Pass!

Now that registration is open for XRDC, the premier event for AR/VR/MR developers and creators, make sure you take a look at the all-new Startup Pass to see if it’s the right fit for you and your team!

Allowing the same level of access as the general pass, the new XRDC Startup Pass provides a lower cost of entry for smaller companies or individuals just getting started in the industry.

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Come to XRDC and see how VR devs are improving healthcare for kids!

Now’s the time to register for XRDC, the premier event for AR/VR/MR developers and innovators, and today organizers are excited to announce that Packet39 cofounder Shachar Weis will be there to how you how VR is improving children’s healthcare!

Weis’ talk is a great example of how VR developers are making a difference in the real world; titled “MRI Simulator: Using Biofeedback Loops to Reduce Anxiety in Children”, it promises to reveal how the Packet39 team developed a VR MRI simulator for kids, to reduce anxiety and the need for sedation.

You’ll see how this simulator was designed by combining elements from game design, immersive technologies and biofeedback to help patients train before the scan, and remain calm and still during, improving image quality and shortening the scan duration.

Weis will also discuss the hurdles, successes, and failures the Packet39 team faced while bringing their VR MRI sim to market, and what you need to know about developing VR apps for the healthcare industry.

You won’t want to miss it, not least because XRDC will be taking place in a beautiful new waterfront venue, the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco, where the whole event has been revamped to be more intimate and convivial.

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Register now for XRDC 2019, the premier AR/VR/MR event for devs!

Registration is now open for XRDC, the prime event for developers, investors, and other innovators in the vibrant AR/VR/MR industries!

XRDC is the place to be if you want to get an inside look at the rich and growing diversity of immersive experiences, from virtual reality to augmented reality and mixed reality technologies.

This year it’s taking place October 14th and 15th in a beautiful new waterfront venue, the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco, where the whole event has been revamped to be more accessible and vibrant.

XRDC already draws the biggest names in the VR/AR industries, and this year the event will have a compact schedule and a more intimate feel (in keeping with the new venue) that will help startups and smaller devs make connections and share insights.

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PSA: One week left to submit your talks for XRDC 2019

Hey innovators, just a quick reminder that XRDC is coming back to San Francisco this October, and organizers are eager to make it the best and most diverse AR/VR/MR event yet!

Insightful, thought-provoking talks from innovators around the world are a key part of that process, so make sure to submit your pitches for talks — the deadline for proposals is next Monday, May 20th, at 11:59 PM Pacific!

That’s just one week away, so get to it! XRDC is the premier conference for VR/AR/MR innovations, and this year it’s taking place October 14-15 at the gorgeous waterfront Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco.

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