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Healthcare Track

Doctors, researchers, scientists and patients alike are rapidly adopting XR applications to evolve healthcare as we know it. XR is revolutionizing treatment and therapy, improving quality while cutting costs, and reducing risk during procedures. Attend sessions in XRDC's Healthcare Track to hear from developers, meet innovative healthcare practitioners, and identify business opportunities and partnerships in this rapidly-growing sector.

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XRDC 2018 Session Highlights

Digital Medicine: What's Different About XR for Health?
Noah Falstein (The Inspiracy)
Sarah Hill (StoryUP)
Josh Sackman (AppliedVR)
Carrie Shaw (Embodied Labs)

This panel discussion brings together leaders from the forefront of this thriving subset of VR and AR applications. You'll hear about such diverse areas as treating chronic pain, improving mood with neurofeedback, training caregivers in virtual environments, and more. XR for Health has certain advantages over entertainment or business applications, but also its own set of challenges. The panel will focus on what health applications share with each other, as well as how they differ from each other and other kinds of XR. The panelists will delve into technical, creative, business, and medical issues.

The Dolphin Swim Club: A Healing Underwater VR Experience
Benno Brada (The Dolphin Swim Club)
Marijke Sjollema (The Dolphin Swim Club)

The Dolphin Swim Club is a nonprofit organization and project that uses the healing power of art and nature to craft therapeutic experiences in virtual reality. The organization developed waterproof VR googles that allow users to swim in real water, with virtual dolphins, and experience real therapeutic effects. Founded in 2015 by artist Marijke Sjollema, the Dolphin Swim Club's unique VR content is currently being used in over 350 hospitals and healthcare institutions worldwide, and is present in several scientific studies at Stanford University, (Braveheart)'s Heeren Loo, and the University Medical Center in Groningen. By launching waterproof VR at the end of 2017, the Dolphin Swim Club has created an extra layer of immersion, as an animal friendly, cheap and repeatable alternative to dolphin assisted therapy.