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Games Track

From heart-pumping first-person adventures to relaxing, immersive exploration of alternate realities, XR takes you beyond the screen and into the heart of the story itself. Learn about XR in game development across disciplines including design, production, programming, and visual art. Be inspired by the work happening in XR game development with valuable, actionable, and inspiring takeaways.

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XRDC 2018 Session Highlights

'Brass Tactics': Reinventing the RTS for VR
Patrick Lipo (Hidden Path Entertainment)

The task sounded simple: make a real-time strategy game that embraced the medium of VR and took maximum advantage of the Oculus Touch controllers. Hidden Path Entertainment challenged the standards of the genre and investigated alternatives that could provide them with the best product. The result was a method of play that felt both familiar and fresh, combining the tactile and the precise. Join this session for a walk through of the design process behind several game interactions in 'Brass Tactics', and witness prototypes both terrible and triumphant.

The Story of 'Beat Saber'
Jaroslav Beck (Beat Games)

Jaroslav Beck (composer, co-founder, and CEO of Beat Games) will give a postmortem on the creation of 'Beat Saber', the best user rated game on Steam and one of the most viral games in VR history! Created by a team of 3 devs, the story of 'Beat Saber' success proves you do not need outside investment, a huge budget, or even a large team to develop a great VR game.