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Enterprise Track

Modern automated factory floors enable nonstop production, where even the smallest inefficiency in layout or design can have an untold impact on timing and revenue. XR empowers manufacturers to address these risks by improving efficiency and streamlining all aspects of product creation and industrial operations. Talks in the Enterprise Track will explore these and more examples of how XR is being applied in innovative new ways to become more efficient, safe, and creative.

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XRDC 2018 Session Highlights

3D Scanning and XR Powered Home Improvement: A Lowe's Case Study
Mason Sheffield (Lowe's Innovation Labs Seattle)

Learn exciting new techniques that Lowe's Innovation Labs uses for scanning 3d models and explore the pipeline that supercharges the creation of thousands of 3d assets that power our XR experiences. See how your 3d content can be unleashed in a multitude of ways to train, inspire and entertain your users. Mason Sheffield, Director of Technology at Lowe's Innovation Labs will explain the challenges of bringing award winning 3d content to life at a Fortune 50 enterprise company.

Reasoning APIs: How to Translate AR Between Engineering and Design
Andrew Maneri (Unity Technologies)

The augmented world is rich with data but obscured by fragmentation, and it grows every day. What the industry needs is a way to pull everything together so designers can communicate their needs in a way that form blueprints for engineers. Unity has been researching a solution they call "reasoning APIs". These "reasoning APIs" are a new AR technique: equal parts coding, puzzle solving, and adventure-game-style ingredient substitution. The Unity team has used it to turn weather into light, bridge the gap between devices, and more. Come hear about their experimentation in this area, and how to create your own!